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Beginning Of New Talent Season!

After the successful starting of MusicOnCore2019 , TC has decided for the next season of MOC i.e. MusicOnCore2021. The brand new season comes with new opportunity and potential to make your music hear a loud.

MusicOnCore (or MOC) is a series of online competition hosted by TalantonCore, giving the right path for the new artist. "This season the winner of MOC21 will get a direct global release in the industry", officials said. TC have partnered with many others to make it a bigger hit for new comers or starters.

MOC21 official poster
MusicOnCore2021 Poster

'' MusicOnCore is the best opportunity for a artist to get their music and talent to the right track, from making to launch we have covered it all.'' - Mr. Divyansh Dhasmana, Director: TalantonCore

MUSICONCORE 2021 is officially set to start from 10th June, 2021 and registration starting from April 1. Artist can register themselves from the official website under any given category for free and prepare themselves for the mega series this year.

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